Statement Sleeves

Despite warming temperatures, it looks like fashion-girls didn’t ditch sleeves for the summer. Frills and ruffles are a major trend this summer according to Pinterest and fashion editors everywhere. What started as a Parisian trend is now donned by style bloggers around the world and lucky for us, available at most of our favorite stores.

I must thank Zara’s summer sale for this particular top – I’d been eyeing it for months and had to buy it when it went on sale (nothing like a guilt-free purchase, right?) They just released their fall collection but still have many sale items.

These frilled trousers also caught my eye on the Spanish retailer’s website (justified by the free shipping to come), they have been a practical purchase and the most recent addition to my wear-to-work collection. I love the way light blue compliments black, the color combination has become a staple in my wardrobe lately.

Sadly, the pants and shirt are out of stock on Zara’s website right now, but there are plenty of frilled shirts and other good finds.


statment sleeves7statment sleeves8statment sleeves2statment sleeves4statment sleeves3



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