Get a ‘Leg Up’ on These Dress-Boot Combos

Over-the-knee & Midi

Although not always practical – or comfortable – heeled boots are a bold outfit component. Not to mention, the endless styles and patterns let you express your personal style for any occasion.

There’s nothing new about knee-high and over the knee boots, they have been the talk of the shoe department for the past couple of years. This year, my favorite way to style this trend is to pair it with a midi dress that brims the top of the boot.




Socks & Booties

On a more casual note for fall fashion, socks and booties create the perfect pumpkin patch vibe. This combo makes for a perfectly effortless look, and can be worn with basically anything. I love to pair socks and booties with above-the-knee skirts and shift dresses. This trend separates the look by showing some subtle skin between the sock and the dress. Anything goes in the shoe department this fall.



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